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Gentle Pregnancy Yoga Classes to support you through your pregnancy, labour and birth at Om Studio


Yoga is perfect for pregnancy. Its all about time for you and your baby and doing things that will benefit you both whilst making your transition period easier and enjoyable. Our pregnancy Yoga classes offer you space to nurture your mind and body, providing relaxation and wellbeing for you and baby.

Pregnancy is a time to look after your body, make it strong and enable it to relax so that it can cope with all the changes ahead.


You will find yoga will help you breathe better and increase your lung capacity which is extremely useful especially when the baby grows and pushes on the lungs. Your posture will improve and your back will strengthen to help with carrying the extra front load. Your muscles around the abdomen and pelvis will be prepared and strengthened and most importantly you will have control over the diaphragmatic muscle which is the muscle we need to engage when pushing the baby out.

You will find that by attending yoga classes you will be in a better position to focus with clarity and prepare yourself emotionally by giving yourself confidence in both you and your body.


Supportive and nurturing


Key to this class is the support group that you will be nurtured by. You will see the same faces each time that you come and so there will always be a familiar face you are comfortable with going through the same process as yourself. As you get closer to your due date we will work out the block booking to fit in with you. We always have a lovely friendly group – do come and join us.

I am loving the relaxation benefits of the prenatal yoga classes by Kalavathi. I have been attending since 14 weeks pregnant and am now nearly 39 weeks. I really look forward to the weekly class of self reflection and the opportunity to connect with my unborn baby. Its also a great opportunity to meet other expecting mums. I will miss these classes when the baby arrives but look forward to joining the mums and baby group. Thank you Kalavathi for giving me this time to truly enjoy my pregnancy and giving me preparation techniques for the journey of labour. Magical times ahead



Frequently Asked Questions


When in my pregnancy can I come to this class?

This pregnancy class is a gentle class suitable for any stage of pregnancy.

What do the classes involve?

We will be focusing on breathing, stretching and relaxation. Breathing is the key to working with your body and your contractions to enable you to confidently bring your baby into the world.

What do the classes involve?

We will be focusing on breathing, stretching and relaxation. Breathing is the key to working with your body and your contractions to enable you to confidently bring your baby into the world.

Can I come on a drop in basis?

This class is paid for in blocks of 5 weeks. This has been done in this way to enable everyone to get the maximum benefit from the classes. Not only will you be guaranteed a place when you walk through the door, but it will help keep you regular which means you will get more benefit out of the classes. You would not notice the benefit by just attending one class.

I’ve never done Yoga before, how will I know if I like it?

If you feel you need to try a class out beforehand feel free to turn up to one of our drop in classes but please be sure to tell us you are pregnant. We do not do trials in our closed groups. This is because we like to have the same people there each week so that everyone gets to know each other without the disruption of various people coming and going.

I work and can’t get time off to attend classes

You are entitled to time off work for antenatal and relaxation classes – this includes this Pregnancy Yoga birth preparation class. For more information on your employers legal obligation to allow you time to attend class please see here.

How do I book my place?

To book we take a £15 deposit which is returned when you finish.

The course costs £35 payable in 5 week blocks.

Please give Kalavathi a ring or send her an email for more information or to book your place.

When does the class run?

The class runs on Thursdays from 7.30 – 8.45pm

What training has the teacher had?

Kalavathi has studied Pregnancy Yoga in London with the Birthlight Trust and has had 2 children herself where Yoga supported and prepared her enabling to cope with the whole process of pregnancy and birth. She had a C-Section for her first child which was followed by a home birth for her second. Not everything goes to plan as Kalavathi knows but what we can do is learn from the experiences. In addition to her own 2 children, Kalavathi also has lots of Yoga babies as she has supported numerous yoga students through their pregnancies since 2000.

When I moved to Cardiff I unfortunately didn’t find a Yoga class that suited the kind of Yoga I like; classical style with emphasis on all aspects of yoga, not just postures/asanas and I missed the sometimes thrice weekly classes I had been taking in my home town. When I became pregnant however I decided I needed to bring yoga back into my life to help me through this major life change with an element of peace as I am inherently a rather stressy person! I wish I’d known Kalavathi’s studio way before I was pregnant! The pregnancy class is simple and effective, focusing in on health and peace for the women and preparation for birth. The balance of posture work, breathing and relaxation is just right and the studio became my weekly ‘go-to’ place for calm and focus. Kalavathi’s kind nature made me feel welcome and safe in her classes. I was able to use what I had learnt with her during my birthing experience and it was invaluable in keeping me focused and relaxed. It was with no hesitation therefore that I jumped at the chance to join her Mums and Babies class once my little one had arrived. This class is again my ‘go-to’ for an hour or so of uninterrupted time with my baby. Kalavathi works intuitively with the mood of the class each week so if the babies aren’t feeling like lying down then we get up and if they feel like sitting, we sit! I appreciate this approach to a baby class as it takes the stress out of trying to get your baby to conform to something they might not feel like doing! My little one seems to enjoy the class and I know I continue to get the yoga benefit I had enjoyed in Kalavathi’s pregnancy class. On a further note, I have met some lovely women through the classes to share the pregnancy and motherhood journey with and this has been encouraged my Kalavathi who even set up a ‘Bumps and Babies’ Facebook group for us all to keep in touch. She is creating a lovely yoga community. Well done!