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Traditional Yoga Teacher training in Rishiculture Yoga


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This course is a HYBRID course:

We run it in person at the studio as well as online via Zoom


Are you looking for a Yoga teacher training course that goes beyond the postures? Here at Om Studio you will learn that yoga is not just a set of exercises that you teach in a class. There really is so much more to yoga than that.

Our aim is to give you the skills, experience and knowledge to become a confident and capable yoga teacher.

We see yoga as a way of life. It is a continual process that evolves with you. You learn to live in the best way that you can, while creating an environment where you can develop. When you can find this for yourself, you also support others in their own growth.

You will need an open mind, a desire to learn, and a yearning to grow.

This is a very comprehensive course and many concepts may take a while to sink in, but      when you are ready everything will connect and fall into place. This is the beauty of yoga.

Om Studio is an International Associate Member of the Indian Yoga Association and Kalavathi is an Accredited Teacher.


Please pay your deposit here.

“Yoga is a life-times work and as you evolve, it evolves with you”


This yoga teacher training course will help ground and support you to develop on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. You should expect to see yourself change whilst on the course.

Many changes will be subtle and could go unnoticed so you will benefit from keeping a Yoga diary. This diary should be used to keep a note of all thoughts, feelings, experiences, difficulties and breakthroughs. Reflection on this journal will prove to be a valuable addition to your personal journey.  You will use your reflections in your final coursework.

You learn a lot from teaching, so when you are ready we will give you lots of teaching experience. By the end of the course, we anticipate that you will be a confident teacher with a class already established.



I completed my yoga teacher training at Om Studio in 2016/2017 and couldn’t recommend this course enough.  
When researching a course to enable me to become a yoga teacher I didn’t find any course with as much face to face time, teaching hours and with so many topics covered in the course.  From learning asanas and pranayama and how to teach these to understanding yantra, diet and nutrition, mudras and mantra chanting.  It is such a vast course and is all explained in a step by step approach by the extremely talented, well informed and dedicated yoga teacher, Kalavathi.
If you’re looking to become a well rounded yoga teacher with a thorough understanding of the history of yoga and yoga philosophy then look no further.  I feel so privileged that I studied here and continue to learn so much from Kalavathi and Om Studio.  
I made friends for life on this course and just wish I could do the whole journey again!
Lucy Clementson-Mills

2017 course graduate, Yoga 360


Yoga Teacher Training Course Content

  • Asana – Physical & posture practice and discipline
  • Pranayama – Breath awareness leading to breath & energy control
  • Sanskrit – Basic understanding for correct pronunciation
  • Philosophy – Looking at Yoga through certain texts e.g. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
  • Kriyas & Mudras & Bhandas – Yoga Techniques producing particular outcomes
  • Mantra Chanting – Learning various Sanskrit Chants
  • Bhajans – Uplifting Devotional Singing
  • Yantra – A Yogic Science of Number related to divisions of life
  • Diet & Nutrition – Looking at a Yogic diet and related cleansing & fasting practices
  • Dharana & Dhyana – Concentration leading to meditation
  • Hindu Yogic Concepts – Looking at Yoga as a way of Life and its origins in Hinduism
  • Anatomy & Physiology – An outline of the basic functions and physiology of the body
  • Yoga Chikitsa – Learning about Yoga and its use as a therapy
  • Learning to Teach – Understanding the basics required for teaching
  • Teaching Practice – Teaching & Mentoring experience
  • Working as a Yoga Teacher – Help to get started and running your own business
  • Communication – Build confidence with your oral and practical aspects of teaching
  • Teaching Problems – Learn about various issues/difficulties that can arise
  • Modifications & Adjustments – learn when these are appropriate and for who
  • Assessment – You will be assessed regularly and will receive feedback
  • …..and much much more!


Course Fees: £2450 

  • £500 Non-refundable deposit to reserve your space.  
  • £2250 for those who have already completed our Foundation Course.
  • Course fees are to be paid 2 weeks before the course starts                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

We only offer 10 spaces for this course.

This allows you to receive as much individual attention as you need. But we can also create a nurturing, supportive group. Yoga teacher training is an journey of personal growth for you. It is important that you have that support around you.

We have a private Facebook group for our course students. Here you get a direct link to the ashram in India as well as being able to get to know all our past students.

To apply for a space: please click the link below to complete our application form. We will get in touch with you once we have received it. Upon successful application, you will secure your place with a £500 deposit. We will give you the instructions on how to do that. We look forward to hearing from you.

Apply here


Please see our Terms and Conditions below.

Meet Kalavathi, your teacher. 

Your teacher trainer will be Yogacharini Yoga Chemmal Kalavathi Devi. Kalavathi undertook the 6 month residential intensive Yoga Teacher Training programme at Ananda Ashram, Pondicherry, South India in 1999 which amounted to around 1400 contact training hours. Kalavathi has returned for  another 15 months of training over the past 25 years. Kalavathi has undertaken Dr Ananda’s online training courses and has been a mentor on his step by step online course as well as taught three courses alongside him: Deeper Gitnanada I, II and III. Kalavathi has in excess of 5000 hours of training to date.

In 2018 and 2019 Kalavathi taught on the residential teacher training course at ICYER, Ananda Ashram in Pondicherry alongside Yogacharini Puduvai Kalaimami Ammaji Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani.

Kalavathi has received various awards for her dedication and service to yoga over the years: In 2010 Kalavathi was awarded the title Yoga Chemmal; she was awarded the Advanced Year Teacher Training Certificate from the ashram in 2015; in 2019 she received the title Karma Yoga Shironmani and in 2023 Kalavathi received the title Yoga Thiligam.

Kalavathi is the main contact for Gitananda Yoga in the UK and organises the UK tours for Yogachariya Dr Ananda Bhavanani, son & successor of Swami Gitananda and Ammaji.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current course dates?

This course is full

When does the next course start?

The next course begins in June 2023 and is on one weekend every month. 


How long is the course?

The course last for 11 months, with monthly 2 day meetings at the studio.

The course will conclude with a graduation ceremony where successful students will be awarded their certificate.

Will I have homework to complete?

Yes you will have homework which will comprise of practical and written work.

There will be daily yoga practice and weekly questions to answer. You will have essays to write, lesson plans, handouts and presentations to prepare. 

This is a very intensive course and you will need to be able to put regular time aside to keep it all together. You need to be able to put time and effort into this course and be dedicated in all ways. Commitment is a must especially if you are planning to teach. What you put in is what you will get out – so the more you put in the more you will get out.

Being organised is key. Set out the times you will do your work each week and you will keep on top of it but if you leave it all to the last minute you will get overwhelmed. Most people who do the course are in full time work and have families so even though it is intensive anyone can do it.

I can't attend all the meeting dates? Will this be a problem?

You should not miss any of the course weekends. However, should this happen all course content will need to be made up. This will sometimes need to be done by private tuition which is not included in the course fee. You will need to work this out with Kalavathi.

What is included in the course fee?

The course fee includes the monthly training weekends, all teacher training course material, the teachings and support, the Step by Step course book and a one year subscription to Yoga Life Magazine from Ananda Ashram, South India.

For those of you who have already done the Step by Step course your fee adjusted, however you will need to take out the yoga life subscription with the ashram.

General yoga classes at the studio are not included in the course fee



What is the source of the training content?

This yoga teacher training course is made up of both the Step by Step course written By Swami Gitananda and the additional Teacher Training content.

There will be a reading list in addition to this. All book & reference purchase requirements will be kept to a minimum as best as possible since this can be costly, but do expect to purchase some. I will give you lots of articles and essays to read to make up your point of reference. Since you are learning Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga in the tradition taught by Swami Gitananda the majority of it will come from this source.

Do I need to attend regular Yoga classes while I am training?

Attending regular classes is required during the training so that you can experience the teaching, understand the practices as well as deepen your own practice.

If you live too far from the studio to attend in person you can attend via zoom.

Classes are not included in the course cost.

Will I get much teaching practice?

Teaching opportunities will be made available for you at the Om Studio. You will get teaching practice on the course as well as general class teaching practice at scheduled times during the week. You will also have observation and mentoring opportunities with your peer trainer teachers. 

Will I definitely get a teaching certificate at the end of the course?

The Yoga Teaching Qualification is not guaranteed, it is awarded to those who do the work to an acceptable standard and show that they are ready to teach. However, there is no time limit to receiving the certificate so it is always possible to graduate after the course if you need more time. For those needing more time you should maintain your class attendance so that you do not lose the rhythm and energy of the teachings.

Is there any financial assistance available to help me afford this training?

If you are looking for funds to help you with paying for the training you may find various business start up loans are able to support this. One student in the past has used Purple Shoots and it worked out really well for her. Not only was the financial side beneficial but she has had lots of small business advice too.

You could seek a bank loans, and we can take a credit card payment although there would be a charge on this as per the company we use to take this payment for us.  There are credit cards that give long 0% on either cash or purchase so they are worth looking at too if need be.

Unfortunately, the course does not qualify for any Student Finance funding.

How can I book my place on this course?

To apply for a place on the next Teacher Training Course please send a detailed account of your Yoga experience to Kalavathi. Booking is available now.

To secure your place you need to pay a £500 deposit which can done as soon as your place is confirmed with Kalavathi. You will receive the directions on how to pay from Kalavathi.

Please see below for our terms and conditions.

Cheques should be made payable please to Yoga Wales. Thank you.

What timings are the Training Days?

Saturdays are 11am until 6pm

Sundays are 9am until 5pm

Timings do change slightly but end times should not go past these.


The journey I started when I first entered the Om studio had been a life changing one, and I can’t think of a better location to begin to change one’s life as profoundly as I did. The welcoming, energising, sacred atmosphere, combined with Kalavathi’s experienced, knowledgeable, and caring teaching, makes for the perfect environment to begin to examine your inner self, take care of mind, body and soul, and meet some wonderful kindred spirits. If you are looking for quality yoga teaching in Cardiff then look no further, you have found it here

Esther Nagle

2014 course trainee, Space to Breathe Academy


Terms and conditions


We have a small studio with limited space so we want to be sure we have committed students. Because of this the deposit is non-refundable but can be transferred to future courses through arrangement. If a participant needs to withdraw their registration prior to 1 week before the start of the course the non-refundable deposit will be retained but the rest of the fee returned. After this there are no refunds. However if you do need to defer you can return for a future course where there is space. There may be an admin fee and any additional classes will have to be paid for.


Due to covid we have been running the course in person and online. You should always come in to the studio for training unless you live too far away, or if restrictions or illness prevent you. The online facility is not to be used simply for convenience. 

Class rescheduling

On rare occasions, we may need to change a date. If this occurs, we will give you as much notice as possible.

If the teachers fall ill on the training weekend and cannot teach and it is not possible to reschedule, we will use course recordings so that you do not have a break in your teachings.



This Yoga Teacher Training course offers an in-depth study of all aspects of Yoga. Before embarking on the Foundation and then the TT course, I hadn’t appreciated Yoga encompassed so much, not just a series of postures or breathing techniques, but a way to live responsibly and serve others without even thinking. I truly enjoyed the Medical background and explanations throughout the course.  

Kalavathi ensures that once qualified, you aren’t left wondering how to start a teaching practice as part of the course involves setting up and teaching! There is no end to the depth of learning which grows and evolves each time one re-examines the text. Continuing advice is always on offer and friendships formed in the close knit group endures.

The icing on the cake for me was visiting the Ananda Ashram in Pondicherry for a couple of weeks with Kalavathi and fellow classmates following graduation and absorbing true Yoga for living

Molly Crowther

2017 course graduate, Meadowside Yoga Llandaff

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