Yogacharini Kalavathi Devi


Kalavathi is a professionally trained Senior teacher from the Gitananda Yoga Paramparai. In 1999 Kalavathi took the 6 months intensive residential Yoga Teacher Training course at Swami Gitandanda’s ashram, ICYER, in Pondicherry, South India. A huge immersion and absorption into yoga by living it and learning it in the traditional way, the way of the Gurukula. in the womb of the Guru. On completion of her training she was given the name Kalavathi Devi and the title Yogacharini, one who is qualified to teach yoga. Kalavathi has lived and taught yoga classes in cardiff and South Wales since her return.

With regular trips back to the ashram, Kalavathi is dedicated to deepen her knowledge and further her training. During her trip in 2010 Kalavathi was awarded the prestigious title ‘Yoga Chemmal’ for her service to Yoga.

Kalavathi teaches a variety of classes: General yoga classes, pregnancy yoga, kids yoga, baby yoga, corporate yoga, one to one private sessions, yoga therapy, mantra, philosophy and more. Kalavathi teaches a yearly Yoga foundation course and currently offers Yoga teacher training, both are run in conjunction with Swami Gitananda’s ashram in India. Much of the work Kalavathi does is community based where she works with people with breathing and health problems and teaches them how to breathe to improve their health and well-being.

Kalavathi has run numerous Yoga retreats and holidays both in the UK and Internationally and she has taught and given demonstrations at the 2005 and 2006 &2008 ‘Yoga Show’ at Olympia in London. Kalavathi is the director of both Yoga Wales and the Gitananda Yoga Society for the UK, and is currently the main contact in the UK for Gitananda Yoga.

Kalavathi’s latest Yogic project is the new studio in Roath. This space she has created from her love of Yoga and her love for its traditional background. It is a light and airy space dedicated to Yoga. With her artwork on the wall in the form of a mandala and the use of the amazing acoustics of the room for chanting, she has brought together some of her life’s loves with her yoga. All of these can be experienced at the Om Studio.



Bharathi first found Kalavathi and Om Studio in December 2016 and fell in love with such an authentic form of yoga. She quickly enrolled onto the next available Yoga Foundation Course, which changed her life completely. Through the course she learned how to breathe, which helped her control her asthma and gave her techniques to manage stressful situations.

After completing the Foundation course in April 2018, she attended the 6-month intensive teacher training course at Swami Gitananda’s ashram in India, which was a huge immersion and absorption into yoga. Living and learning in the traditional way allows for huge personal transformation and growth.

On completion of the course Bharathi was awarded the title Yogasadhaki, meaning one who is a seeker of the deeper truths of Yoga. The name Bharathi means Goddess of India and creativity.

Bharathi’s classes have a great sense of energy and fun since she really loves to teach.